Early intervention is important for children with significant developmental delays.

Carmel has worked with families with young children who have diagnosis of Autism, Down Syndrome, Chromosomal abnormalities, Genetic Disorders or who have no known diagnosis.

Carmel Privitera worked as a Psychologist on the Family and Early Childhood Services (FECS) Team at Disability Services for over a decade. Carmel supports families with issues that are typically experienced as well as those who need specialised care, for example in families with children who have developmental disabilities.

These special needs can result in additional issues for a child and their family and often include additional medical and allied health appointments, financial burdens and demands on limited time… This extra stress often means less time for self-care.

Common concerns facing these families include:

  • Concerns around emotional regulation and behavioural issues
  • Teaching daily living skills, such as sleeping, meal-times and toileting
  • Worries about their child’s well-being and future
  • Choosing the right day care, kindy and school for their child
  • Helping their child understand the world and helping the world to understand their child: Will the other kids be nice? Will they make friends?

Carmel assists you to support your child’s ability to understand their environment and what is expected of them to learn and grow through the use of visual cues and being mindful to support any sensory sensitivity.

When a child is not moving through the typical developmental stages, families can fall into a state of overwhelm and life can feel chaotic and unmanageable. All this adds extra pressures on interpersonal relationships and marriages. Carmel supports families through this time, which may include feelings of loss and grief, anxiety, depression and high levels of stress, by facilitating and supporting them to finding direction, peace of mind and the joy of parenting.