Each phase of your child’s development brings specific challenges, a normal a part of growing up. Conditions can make these challenges harder, such as traumatic events like being bullied, low self-esteem or drugs and alcohol. They can also be routine, like moving to a new home.

Collaborative Psychology Child with Anxiety

Young Kids (5–7 years)


Children can struggle through various developmental challenges with internal and external pressures creating even greater stress.

These stresses can include issues with friendships, bullying, anxiety, depression, anger and aggression, emotional regulation, communication skills, adjustment to new life circumstances such as separation and divorce, changing schools etc.

Kids learn best through fun and play. Play provides an opportunity for children to look at the smaller parts of a problem and allow strong emotions to be experienced and released, bringing a greater understanding and mastery of themselves. Simply put, they feel better. It is within a safe and relaxing environment that children can connect with themselves and dare to express their concerns and wishes.

Carmel Privitera supports children to feel safe, heard and understood, helping them to gain an understanding of issues, find workable solutions and learn new skills. Carmel uses expressive and creative therapies which are age and developmentally appropriate, are fun based and may include sand play, art, craft, drawing, imagination, story-telling and games.

Collaborative Psychology Teen with Cellphone

Pre-Teens (8–12 years)
Adolescents (13–17 years)


The physical and psychological changes that occur in adolescence can start earlier, during the preteen or “tween” years. Adolescence can be a time of both disorientation and discovery, with issues of independence and self-identity.

These stresses can include issues regarding school and study, the intense need to fit in and peer pressure, sexuality, depression, drugs, alcohol, social life and self harm.

Anxiety disorders can also be especially serious for young people with a developing mind. If left untreated, teenagers can have long-term mental health and development consequences.

Carmel Privitera can help by identifying worrying signs and taking a balanced approach to dealing with increasingly independent young people, to best encourage your child’s healthy development.